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It has come to our attention that SCAMMERS are targeting wanted adverts, admin recommend that all users select to hide their email address, ESPECIALLY WHEN PLACING WANTED ADVERTS, this way only registered users can contact you.

Please note that if buyers decide to pay by PAYPAL GIFT you lose the normal buyer protections associated with using Paypal and cannot raise a dispute through paypal. ADMIN RECOMMEND USERS DO NOT PAY USING PAYPAL GIFT!!

Click here to read the Updated CAA Exemption issued for FPV flying. 23/4/2014

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Airframes & Kits * SOLD * English Electric ... 21.08.2014 869 View this ad
Airframes & Kits Models for sale 20.08.2014 782 View this ad
Gliders Graupner Ash 3.2m Electric ... 21.08.2014 777 View this ad
Airframes & Kits YT INTERNATIONAL SPITFIRE 90" 25.08.2014 772 View this ad
Turbines F22 RAPTOR - Christen Diffu... 22.08.2014 764 View this ad
Airframes & Kits Taking to nationals 20.08.2014 743 View this ad
Airframes & Kits Lots of stuff all must go 21.08.2014 736 View this ad
Turbines Jet Legends Viper Jet Canad... 20.08.2014 723 View this ad
Airframes & Kits NATS BARGAIN Sebart Sukhoi ... 22.08.2014 696 View this ad
Gliders Fly Fly Condor 3m Glider 21.08.2014 657 View this ad
Found BMFA NATTs FOUND 25.08.2014 628 View this ad
Airframes & Kits 1/4 scale Bucker Jungman 21.08.2014 619 View this ad
Turbines Large FEJ BAE Hawk 26.08.2014 602 View this ad
Gliders Classic AS KK 123 Sailplane 24.08.2014 597 View this ad
Gliders Electric glider 3.7mtr span. 24.08.2014 594 View this ad
Found Found At Nats On Sunday Aft... 24.08.2014 582 View this ad
Turbines Tomahawk Futura 1.9m 26.08.2014 559 View this ad
Airframes & Kits CARF Extra 330sc (2.6mtr) p... 25.08.2014 545 View this ad
Airframes & Kits 1/3 scale L4 Piper Cub (Gra... 25.08.2014 524 View this ad
Turbines A-10 Warthog twin turbine BNF 23.08.2014 522 View this ad
Airframes & Kits 1/5th scale Pilatus Porter 20.08.2014 508 View this ad
Airframes & Kits 88inch 50cc Edge 540 Airfra... 21.08.2014 506 View this ad
Gliders Merlin F3F for sale 20.08.2014 502 View this ad
Turbines Saber kit 24.08.2014 502 View this ad
Airframes & Kits Mike Booth Spitfire 1/5th s... 24.08.2014 498 View this ad
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